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The current plan, approved by the Maui County Planning Commission in October of 2001, has evolved through the years and has gone through an extensive process of public review and discussion. Meetings and discussions with both governmental and community groups during this period have included the following:

Governmental Agencies

Maui Planning Commission (Workshops and hearings)
Maui Cultural Resources Commission
Maui Planning Department
Maui Fire Department
Maui County Department of Public Works
Maui Parks and Recreation Department
Maui Department of Housing and Human Concerns
Office of the Mayor
State Department of Transportation
State Department of Land and Natural Resources
Department of Hawaiian Home Lands
Numerous other Federal, State and County agencies

Community Groups

Kihei Community Association
Maui Meadows Homeowners Association
Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association
Wailea Ekolu Board of Directors
Wailea Community Association
Na Kapuna O Maui
Maui Junior Golf
Maui Tomorrow
Sierra Club
Rotary Clubs of Maui
Labor Unions
Maui Board of Realtors
Maui Contractors Association

Other Community and Business OrganizationsIn many cases these organizations have met to discuss the proposed project a number of times with the most recent meetings held to discuss how the project would be addressing their concerns in areas such as commercial uses, affordable housing, utilities and traffic. It has been the intent of the project team to ensure that all issues brought forth by the community are addressed directly to the interested party with the opportunity for open discussion. From both the government agency and community perspectives, the following summarizes the issues brought forth through both public hearings and meetings with individuals and groups:

Gated Communities

Land Uses (Commercial and Residential)
Project District Ordinance
Design Details
Buffer Zones
Affordable Housing
Energy Efficiency
Best Management Practices
Cultural Issues


A wili wili tree is blessed prior to being delivered to master canoe builders during the International Festival of Canoes in Lahaina

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Members of Na Kapuna O Maui visit the proposed Honua’ula project site

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