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Kihei-Makena Community Plan

The project is proposed within the Kihei-Makena Community Plan as Project District 9 and is described as a planned community incorporating a variety of elements. The following describes the various elements and how the project is responding to each:

Mix of Single- and Multi-Family Housing

A maximum of 1,400 dwelling units are proposed within the project plan of which 40% will be single-family and 60% multi-family. The proposed project district ordinance allows for a variety of product types to be built including zero lot line, single-family and multi-family homes in a variety of configurations. The question of affordability has been addressed by providing units in a low, moderate and median price range.

Village Mixed/Commercial Uses

The VMX concept is unique to the project in that it provides an opportunity to create a true mixed use community providing the uses and facilities to serve the community. Neighborhood level commercial uses combined with multi-family residential uses create this mix of uses that are the hallmark of the smart growth concept. This combination of uses is unique to the project.

Golf Courses

The current zoning for the project area provides for two 18-hole golf courses. The proposed plan for the project area includes the development of one 18-hole golf course to fulfill the recreation requirements of the Community Plan. This course is intended to be a homeowner course that provides for structured public play provided through a cooperative relationship with Maui Junior Golf and the non-profit organizations in Maui County.

Public & Private Amenities

Public park and open space areas oriented to community use are provided for in the project plan. Bike and pedestrian ways are being provided throughout the project on the primary and secondary roadway network and are designed to be both on and off road facilities depending upon the roadway level of service.

Buffer Zones

Buffer zones for both the adjacent communities and the major access roads including the Pi‘ilani Highway have been included within the design details for the project. The buffer for the Maui Meadows/project interface will be 116’.

Future Public Use Site

The State Land Use Commission required a site be set aside for a future public use and the Maui County Council, in the original zoning request for the project, followed this condition by requiring a fire station site. The County of Maui has now completed a fire station for the South Maui area on Kilohana Road and the project team requested and received approval from the State Land Use Commission to delete this condition from the Decision and Order granted to the project. The project team remains ready to address the needs of Maui County in the need for public facility sites and has created the opportunity to do so in the VMX use category within the project.

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