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The original project plan included a single large commercial district. After listening to the public and their concerns relative to the type and character of such a use area the project team deleted the original concept in favor of a reduced footprint and placement of the commercial uses within the VMX/Multi-Family District. A maximum gross floor area has been allocated for commercial uses and the uses have been defined to the point where they relate to a neighborhood level commercial need and desire. This reduction in the number of permitted uses in the district directly responds to a number of comments received by the Maui Meadows and Wailea Community.

The VMX/Multi-Family District has been refined to include multi-family and commercial uses for the community resulting in a true mixed use concept that does not exist anywhere else in Maui County. The VMX/Multi-Family District will provide for the development of a neighborhood level village commercial concept embracing smart growth principles that will keep automobile trips down and create a sense of community for those people who choose to reside within the project.

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