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The development of parks within the project has been addressed through the provision of public and private parks and recreational facilities. A homeowner’s golf course, unique to Maui County, is the primary recreational element within the project, which will be supplemented by other public and private recreational facilities located within the various residential and commercial areas.

In an effort to demonstrate the project’s commitment to South Maui, the project team met with the Department of Parks and Recreation to discuss the little league facility presently required by conditional zoning for the project area. It was agreed that given its proposed location, the subject facility would not serve the public needing the recreational facilities the most. It was agreed that funds generated by the subdivision of land would be better suited to the development of a regional park facility in Central Kihei, which would address the needs of the community more directly.

There may be up to $12.4 million in park fees paid through buildout which would go a long way towards providing the capitalization for development of active playfields in the newly acquired central Kihei regional park facility. In addition to this overall approach and in response to the deletion of the little league field, the project will pay to the County of Maui $3.5 million upon zoning approval. This money will be counted against future park assessment fees and could go towards an immediate start of construction for the new regional park facility.

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