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  Master Plan - Residential

• Residential uses comprise approximately 370 acres or approximately 55 percent of the site.

• Single-family homes occupy approximately 260 acres with approximately 110 acres of multi-family homes.

• The proposed residential mix call for a maximum of 1,400 planned residences of which 40 percent are single-family and 60 percent are multi-family.

• The overall gross density of the community is approximately 2.1 units per acre.

• Affordable units comprise 20% of the total housing mix with units provided in the 100%, 120% and 140% ranges.

• Neighborhood commercial uses serving the needs of the immediate community are included within the plan. Uses may include a grocery store, retail shops, gas
station, restaurants, real estate sales and management offices and other uses associated with a neighborhood level commercial facility.

• Neighborhood commercial uses will be located within the Village Mixed Use (VMX) Subdistrict which also provides for a portion of the multi-family residential component within the project.

• The circulation within the project district is designed to encourage residents to walk or ride bicycles and create a sense of community.

• Single- and multi-family residential homes border an 18-hole homeowners’ golf course.

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