After years of working with local and state government and seeking input from the community, Honua‘ula is pleased to provide this project update.

Maui Planning Commission Review and Recommendations:

1. Conducted site visit and workshop on August 8, 2000; deferred action.

2. Conducted first public hearing on October 30, 2000; deferred action.

3. Conducted second workshop with Maui Planning Commission on July 23, 2001.

4. Conducted second public hearing on October 23, 2001; reviewed revised plans; recommeded approval of the three (3) applications, with conditions to the Change in Zoning at its meeting of October 23, 2001.

5. Department of Planning transmitted to Council on November 30, 2001 a recommendation for action along with a summary of the application and Conditions recommended by the Planning Commission.

6. Land Use Committee of the Council scheduled an informational presentation on February 11, 2002. This hearing was deferred at the request of the developer in response to a request from the Council due to continuing discussion on the Makena Resort application and budget deliberations.

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