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Honua'ula, named after the Hawaiian ahupua'a on which this property lies, is a vision of what a Maui community can be. Combining elements of smart growth design, with concern for the aina, and the people of Maui, Wailea 670 Associates seeks to build a place we can all be proud to call home.

Honua'ula will meet a critical need for affordable housing on Maui and will contribute to the betterment of the Maui community through millions of dollars of infrastructure improvements, education assistance, better parks for our keiki and so on. Our website contains detailed information on our affordable housing component, community benefits, and other information about the project.

There have been countless people on Maui who have contributed to the development process and we all look forward to realizing the dream for Honua'ula, a place that honors our cultural legacy, looks to the future and contributes to our local communities. The project is currently under review by the Maui County Council and recently recieved a favorable review in the Land Use committee. Your support during this process is especially important as we seek government approval to begining developing Honua'ula.

If after you review our website, you believe like we do that Honua'ula will help the lives of many Maui residents, we encourage you to take action-- either by signing our online petition, submitting a letter to the editor, or sending in testimony in support of the project.

Mahalo for visiting our website and for your interest in Honua'ula.

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Archaeological Inventory Survey of a 670-acre parcel in the Honua`ula

(formerly Wailea 670), in Palauea and Keauhou Ahupua`a, Makawao District, Island of Maui, HI
[TMK: (2) 2-1-008:71 and 56 por.]
Volume I Report

An archaeological inventory survey of a 670-acre parcel in Honua′ula
(formerly wailea 670), Paeahu and palauea ahupua′a, Makawao district, island of Maui, HI
[tmk: (2) 2-1-008: 56 por.]
Volume II report

Honua`ula Cultural Consultation Meeting – January 22, 2014

Honua`ula Project Site Tour January 25, 2014

Honua`ula Cultural Consultation Meeting – January 29, 2014

Honua`ula Project Site Tour February 7, 2014